Matthew kniss
Hello! My name is Matt Kniss and I am a photographer based in Glendora, Ca. Photography is one of my earliest passions; I've always had an affinity for capturing photos. What amazes me about photography is the artistry behind each shot. The ability for each photographer to portray a scene differently, and for each viewer to experience it differently; The ability to capture a moment, and experience that moment again and again; The ability to create a connection between a photo and the viewer, and between viewers.
Outside of photography, I am a working professional in the entertainment industry here in Los Angeles. Most of my job involves pre-production planning for lighting systems, primarily for concert tours, including drafting light plots, system design, and 3D modeling. On occasion, I also enjoy providing theatrical lighting design and programming.
My hobbies mostly include outdoor activities, which conveniently aligns with a lot of photography! On my free weekends, I love getting away to the California desert, camping and dirt bike riding, and generally enjoying the lack of hustle and noise of the city. I also enjoy hiking and mountain biking if a full weekend away isn’t on the table. If all else fails, I’m more than happy to relax at home with my boyfriend, John, and our beloved cat, Misty, where I will likely end up in the kitchen; I love cooking too!
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